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“Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything.”

This was once said by the Global Head of Operations and Strategy, and now CEO, of the late stage startup that I was working at as a nod toward the popular phrase first said by Chris Sacca. The Global Head said this line as he was recounting to an audience his time at Columbia University working on a product idea with his friends. This idea was a social network that can connect people in a university environment. Sounds familiar?

He strongly felt that he was one of the early group of people working on…

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What is Product Sense and how I can get it?

In my first article, I gave a high level overview of the three key areas a Product Manager needs to master in order to be a great PM. One of those areas is Product Sense.

To provide you with more clarity on what Product Sense is, I will first break this topic down into two smaller components: User Empathy and Design Thinking. Then I will provide advice drawn from my own experiences so that you may have tactical steps on how to train yourself at this.

Let’s start…

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You may have heard of Product Sense, Execution, and Communication. But what does that really mean and how does it make someone a strong product manager?


Hi everybody, my name is Archer and I love building innovative products.

I have always wondered about what could be a meaningful contribution to the product management community from my own experiences as a PM. …

Archer C.

Product Builder. Curious Learner.

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